Impaired Driving

In New Hampshire, driving or operating a vehicle when the brain is impaired by a drug (any drug including alcohol) puts many people at unnecessary risk, including the driver, his/her passengers, and other motorists and pedestrians. Impaired driving is a crime.

The impacts of impaired driving are devastating, including loss of employment, injury, death, and significant costs associated with emergency services, hospital care, adjudication and corrections.

There is a lot we can do by raising awareness about impaired driving. Find out more in the latest NH Issue Brief: Impaired Driving in New Hampshire.

If Convicted of Impaired Driving:

As of January 1, 2013, individuals convicted of impaired driving are required to attend and participate in a New Hampshire approved Impaired Driver Care Management Program (IDCMP) for a screening and/or evaluation to determine if there is a substance use disorder. If so, they will be required to participate in treatment, education and/or recovery support services. All IDCMPs and Impaired Driver Service Providers (IDSP) must be approved by the Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services.

Also, anyone convicted of an impaired driving offense must complete an approved Impaired Driver Education program conducted at the IDCMP if they have not done so within the past 5 years.

Penalties for Impaired Driving:

The following program materials are available electronically:

New Hampshire Impaired Driving Services Unit

      New Hampshire Impaired Driving Services

  • Phone: 603.271.6738
  • Email: please click here to complete contact form

      Multiple Offender Program (MOP) Specialist

  • Phone: 603.271.6738





The New Hampshire Driving Toward Zero Deaths Coalition is a collaborative effort of both public and private entities, whose mission is to create a culture of safety on New Hampshire roadways. The vision of the Coalition is to reduce the number of fatal and severe injury crashes on New Hampshire roadways to ZERO through the implementation of education, enforcement, engineering, and emergency management solutions.