College Drinking and Drug Use

Alcohol and drug use on college campuses is nationwide problem. The transition from high school to college is a particularly vulnerable time, associated with increased alcohol and substance use and risk of related negative consequences.

NH’s research shows that 15% of New Hampshire college students think they may have an alcohol problem, and that NH young adults are more likely to use marijuana and other illegal drugs more than any other age group.

To build awareness around the dangers of high risk drinking and other drug use among young adults, New Hampshire is being proactive by providing an Issue Brief, “Drinking and Substance Use Concerns among College Students” and a supporting publication, “Parenting Through the College Years.”

The Issue Brief, “Drinking and Substance Use Concerns among College Students”shares compelling information about the health and safety risks, including; injuries, unsafe sex, academic problems, increased illnesses, accidents, housing evictions, police arrests. It also highlights the economic impact when a student may drop out of school due to alcohol abuse or other drug use.    

The publication developed for parents, “Parenting Through the College Years” is being emailed to parents of first-year students at a number of NH colleges. It specifically encourages parents to stay connected to their children as they settle into campus life.