Stay on track

Kids who get involved and stay active make friends with kids with common interests. They feel better, are more productive, and are a lot less likely to get into trouble. Plus, all the stuff they enjoy doing now helps them get into college and find a decent job.

What do you like to do?

Even if you’re not doing any of these things right now, check it out. Ask a friend who is involved how you can be part of what they’re doing. Or ask a teacher or parent to help you get involved.

  • Music – Play in a band or orchestra or sing in a chorus
  • Art – Take art classes, teach art to little kids in a community center
  • Drama – Be in a drama club or play
  • Sports – Participate in school or community teams and sports
  • Work with animals – Volunteer at a local MSPCA, work part time at a doggie day care center, or get a job as a dog-walker
  • Volunteer – Do community service or join a church group to make a difference in the world