How to deal with pressure

High school is tough: there’s pressure to get good grades; pressure to perform on a team or in a play; pressure to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend; pressure to look good. And there is peer pressure to drink and do drugs.

Even if you hang out with friends who don’t drink or do drugs, you might feel pressure at some point to drink, light up or try some pills. The best way to protect yourself from drinking and doing drugs is to avoid situations like the hangouts kids go to after school to drink or smoke pot. But there may be times when you’re around kids who want you to join them. So how do you turn them down?

Here are things you can say:

  • No thanks. I don’t want to risk getting cut from the team.
  • Forget it. My parents will find out, and I won’t risk getting caught and losing their trust.
  • No thanks, not interested.
  • Nah, that stuff is bad.
  • Nah, I’m okay right now. I’m not into that stuff.
  • No thanks. If I wanted some, I would have asked for it.