10 tips on alcohol

1. Know the law. Alcohol is illegal to buy or possess if you are under 21.

2. Get the facts right. One 12-ounce beer has as much alcohol as a 1.5-ounce shot of whiskey or a 5-ounce glass of wine.

3. Stay informed. Wine coolers look like juice sparklers but they have just as much alcohol as a 12-ounce beer. One glass of clear malt can give a teenager a .02 on a breathalyzer test. In NH that is enough for anyone under the age of 21 to lose his/her driver’s license.

4. Be aware of the risks. Drinking increases the risk of injury. Car crashes, falls, burns, drowning, and suicide are often linked to alcohol and other drug abuse.

5. Keep your edge. Alcohol can ruin your looks, give you bad breath, weaken your sports performance, and make you gain weight.

6. Play it safe. Drinking can lead to intoxication and even death.

7. Do the smart thing. Drinking puts your health, education, family ties, and social life at risk.

8. Be a real friend. If you know someone with a drinking problem, be part of the solutions

9. Remain alert. Be aware of claims that alcohol means glamour and adventure. Stay clear on what’s real and what’s illusion.

10. Sweep away the myths. Having a designated driver is no excuse to drink. Drinking only at home, or sticking only to beer, does not make drinking any "safer."