Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic drugs are on the increase and easily available causing great harm to users!  Even with current State and federal laws, these man-made forms of dangerous chemicals are available. Promoters on social network sites market these drugs as a safe way of getting high, but in reality they can cause great damage to the body and brain. These products are sold in head shops, convenience stores, tattoo parlors and on the internet as herbal incense, potpourri, bird attractant, plant food, bath salts, and labeled "not for human consumption," hiding their intended purposes. See fact sheets below for more information on synthetic drugs.

August 14, 2014 Governor Hassan declared a State of Emergency as a result of serious medical reactions by over 45 people who ingested a synthetic drug marketed as "Smacked."

August 22, 2014 Governor Hassan's Letter on Synthetic Drugs

September 11, 2014 Letter from US Attorney Kacavas and Attorney General Foster stating sale of synthetic cannabinoid products are illegal

Effects Of Use

Synthetic Drugs can cause an array of harmful effects including agitation, anxiety or panic attacks, confusion, vomiting, elevated blood pressure and heart rate, tremor, seizures, kidney failure, heart attack, hallucinations, and paranoid behavior.

Fact Sheets


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