Don’t go it alone

Helping your child through treatment and recovery is demanding, but you are not alone. There is help for you and your family during this difficult time.

Family Therapy

A family in crisis can learn to work together more calmly and effectively. Even a few visits can help everyone understand each other’s point of view, and learn ways to respect and help one another. Family therapy can help reduce conflict and tension, and can make the home a calmer, more supportive place.

Support Groups

When your child is in crisis, you can feel very isolated. Meeting other families who are struggling with the same problems can be comforting. Support groups are also a great place to learn about additional resources that can help your child and your family.

Take Care of Yourself

You’re going through a difficult time as a parent. You may have other children to care for, a spouse or a partner who’s also stressed out, and the pressures of your work. Try to take care of yourself so you can maintain your own physical and mental well-being. Here are some suggestions:

  • Make time for yourself to relax, walk, exercise, and be with friends.
  • Talk to a member of the clergy or counselor.
  • Make sure you keep your own appointments with doctors.
  • Keep doing the activities you normally do.

For a complete list of New Hampshire Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Treatment Services: New Hampshire Resource Guides