Most commonly abused drugs by New Hampshire youth

Do you know the facts about adolescent alcohol and other drug abuse? Understanding what drugs kids are abusing, the signs of abuse and the risks they take when they do is an important step to protecting your child from danger.

These are the most commonly abused drugs by New Hampshire youth:

  • Alcohol – Almost 30% of teens had alcohol in the past month and 27.2% of high school seniors report binge drinking in the last month.
  • Inhalants – Almost 6% of high school freshmen in New Hampshire have sniffed glue, aerosols, or sprays at least once.
  • Tobacco – Almost 30% of teens report smoking or using other forms of tobacco in the last month.i
  • Marijuana – About 22% of teens report using marijuana in the last month.
  • Prescription drugs – About 7% of teens report using prescription drugs illegally in the past month and 13.4% have tried it during their lifetime.

Other facts:

  • Almost 4.5% of New Hampshire teens have used Ecstasy at least once.
  • About 2.4% of New Hampshire teens have tried heroin.
  • Almost 2.5% of high school students in New Hampshire have tried meth.
  • Almost 30% of teens in New Hampshire have smoked cigarettes or used tobacco in the past month.

Data Source: Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS 2015)

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