Call To Action: Responding to New Hampshire’s Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic

The misuse and abuse of prescription drugs has become a leading cause of harm among New Hampshire citizens.  There are more deaths each year attributed to prescription and drug-related deaths than those caused by car accidents, our young adults rank second highest among the country in reporting non-medical use of pain relievers, and one-in-five NH teens have abused prescription drugs.  This demands attention and action!

The Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Intervention and Treatment has led an effort to respond to the crisis through the development of the Prescription Drug Strategy Plan, “Call to Action.”  They are working with state agencies and regulatory authorities to support community stakeholders within health, safety, education, business and government sectors to consider and help carry out the recommendations.

Join us with this effort by taking the time to review the Prescription Drug Strategy Plan and support your community efforts.

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