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What does it mean to be a DD/Designated Driver?

What does it mean to be a DD/Designated Driver?

Someone says they're the designated driver. You know what that means, right? You see them grab a beer from the party cooler. Now what do you think?

Let's do a search engine experiment. Let's Google up "What is a DD?" And share the top responses.

  1. Urban Dictionary says: n. Designated Driver. One who abstains from "partying" so everyone can get home safely. We're going out tonight, and I'm the DD, as per usual.
  2. Lifewire says: One alternate meaning is "designated driver," the person who doesn't drink when out with friends or family and who drives everyone home safely.
  3. Onlineslangdictionary.com says: acronym for "designated driver". That is, person who has not been consuming alcohol who drives people who have been consuming alcohol. She's D.D. tonight, so you guys can drink.

Now let's do a search for "Can you drink as a dd?"

  1. The first result is an article from Men's Journal: How Much Has Your Designated Driver Had to Drink? 

The article discusses a study conducted at the University of Florida found that many designated drivers still drink alcohol., and some DDs party to a level that can impair them behind the wheel.

  1. 2. An article from the Iowa State Daily: Nightlife: How to have fun as a DD This article touts the advice: "Let loose at parties but be serious in the car," Sapienza said. "It's a big job: People trust you with their lives."

The facts are these.

  1. A Designated Driver has nothing alcoholic to drink and is tasked with driving the crew home safely.
  2. A Designated Driver is not someone who has only one Coors Light, Bud Light or Bud Heavy.
  3. A Designated Driver is not someone who is under the influence of marijuana or another recreational drug.
  4. A Designated Driver is not someone who is less drunk than everyone else at the party.

How do we know? Because this is how the definition of Designated Driver originated in the U.S. We are also aware, that some folks are in favor of morphing the definition. (See the NPR article Designated Drivers Often Fail To Abstain From Drinking (LINK: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2013/06/10/190334827/designated-drivers-often-fail-to-abstain-from-drinking) The article begins, "We might need to change the definition of a designated driver from noble abstainer to something along the lines of not as drunk as you." But we're not in favor of changing the definition just educating folks as to what a DD really entails. Whether they're chosen, hired, or they volunteer, the designated driver of any given group encounters great responsibility. By vowing to stay sober and above the influence of alcohol, designated drivers keep impaired drivers off the road and keep everyone safer.

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