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Halloween Haunts

Halloween Haunts

Here's where to find your scare on Fright Night (and before)

Halloween always warrants warnings, such as, Never go it alone (the buddy system.); Don't take candy from strangers, and if you
do, inspect it thoroughly to be sure it hasn't been tampered with.; Carry a flashlight when out after dark.; And, very importantly:
Send the wee ones out with adults, and if the teens are out, know their route.

And here's another great option: Make it a family affair. There's no reason Halloween fun as to stop once you turn 15 (or even
50) with the following options.

Partnership for a Drug-Free NH has put our brains (Zombie reference?) to good use tagging activities that will be fun for teens,
and even older family members (that's you, Mom and Dad). We've tried to feature activities from across the Granite State, but
we KNOW we did not hit everything. Please send any you'd like added to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. The Portsmouth Halloween Parade What's especially cool about this parade--in addition to the fact that it takes place on Oct. 31, the actual date of Halloween-- is that you can either watch, participate, or do a little of both. One year, we saw someone dressed as Hell on Wheels. They dressed as a devil and inline-skated their way through the parade. NOTE: This is free, but get there early, as this is a popular little parade, Portsmouth streets shut down, and you'll want a good spot to see the Thriller Dancers!
  2.  Canobie Lake Screemfest Billed as "Where Fear Meets Fun" you'll find games, haunted houses, and even the Canobie Lake Hotel ("If these walls could talk they would screeeem!") There's something for all ages (the wee ones can get their hands (gently!) on live animals in the petting zoo.) So you can all travel to Salem together and then split up as your interests may vary. A fun aspect of the Screemfest site is the FAQ's such as: Question: Will the actors touch me? Answer: No. And we also ask that you DO NOT TOUCH THE ACTORS.
  3. Apparently Haunted Acres in Candia has a nighttime zipline (which sounds pretttty scary to us.) NOTE: We hear especially good things about Area 52 and Inmate Attraction.
  4. Visiting the Ghoullog's website is scary in and of itself, but check out what they offer at Cranmore Mountain Resort: 50 minutes of scares on more than 15,000 square feet (and that's indoors). When your led through the dark woods outside, your heart will really be beating. Plus: The Haunted Playground is not just for the wee ones-- what with a giant swing and the Soaring Eagle Zip Line. We hope all your candy stays in your belly!
  5. Have you got teens who can deliver scariness? Then have them try the Tailgate Trick-or-Treat at the Deerfield Fairgrounds with you. It takes place Sunday, Oct. 29 this year, so you won't miss trick-or-treating, and the Best Tailgate (you guys, of course!) will take home a trophy, plus some pretty serious bragging rights on your Facebook page. 

There you have it. The opportunities for all age frights really do center around Halloween (But still make sure you use the buddy system no matter how old you are.)

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